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This is your monthly roundup of Spot product updates and DEI-related content.

? Request for Reviews

If your organization uses and loves Spot, please consider leaving us a review on G2. These help us a lot!

Coming Soon: New Slack App! Incident Reporting via Slack ?

Our new Slack app lets employees quickly submit concerns or feedback via Slack. Reports submitted through Slack will appear in your Spot dashboard just like reports submitted via Spot’s chatbot or telephone hotline, and can be managed and investigated the same way.

The new app will be live next month. We’ll share details on how to implement it in the December newsletter.

☎️ Call Me On the Telephone ☎️

We’re saying it again because every time we say it, someone is freshly surprised: Spot now offers a call-in reporting option! Our telephone hotline is fully customizable (or use it straight out of the box) and works seamlessly with our case management system and other intake mechanisms.

Our hotlines are answered by a machine, not a human, which we still think is the best way to put your humans at ease when they need to raise an issue.

If you’re looking to make your tools more accessible, a phone option can help people who are more comfortable talking than typing to speak up.

Call our test hotline to try it out:
??+1 656-223-1288
??+31 97010255732

Interested in getting a hotline? Reach out to hello@talktospot.com 

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? Discounted and free software for small nonprofits:
We’ve partnered with Los Angeles-based WNBGAY to offer Spot for free to inclusive, underrepresented sports leagues and nonprofits with small operating budgets. (Nonprofit organizations of all sizes always qualify for a discount.) Get in touch to see if your group qualifies or use this form.

? New posters have arrived:
Posters with your organization’s logo and QR code for quick Spot access are always available in the Spot dashboard. Check them out in Case Management > Communication Resources and download to print or use as digital assets. 

Workplace Culture Stats of the Month

A mid-pandemic survey of nearly 600 HR managers found that 55.4% had seen an uptick in issues reported during the pandemic, including employee disputes, bullying, manager complaints, and stress levels. (Paychex)

Relatedly, the 2023 Ethical Culture Report, which gathered responses from some 2 million employees across 270 companies, notes that Gen Z is the least likely to report workplace misconduct, with 44% reporting issues and 39% not reporting (and 17% declining to answer the question). Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers are all more likely to report issues than Gen Z. While 93.1% of employees across the board indicate that they’re theoretically willing to report misconduct, less than half actually did so. (Ethisphere)

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