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This is your monthly roundup of Spot product updates and DEI-related content.

From the Spot Team: Why We Do This

It’s easy to get lost in developing software features and forget to talk about why we build what we build.

In last month’s newsletter, we cited a new survey that reiterated the entire premise of Spot: Most workplace misconduct goes unreported and people fear retaliation for speaking up…BUT the vast majority of employees would report workplace issues if they could do so anonymously, AND anonymous reporting works if an organization finds the right tool and uses it in good faith.

When we develop a new feature, it’s because we believe it will make it easier for your organization to support speaking up by:
- lowering the barrier to entry for reporting,
- making investigations more efficient and actionable,
- generally raising the comfort level and ease of use for incident reporting, case management, and DEI compliance training.

The most productive teams can always talk about their problems. People who don’t feel heard are unhappy and less productive; chances are, they won’t survive at your organization. We build Spot to help you achieve a safe, inclusive, welcoming work environment where your employees can thrive.

And we’re always taking suggestions! You know where to find us: hello@talktospot.com

? talktospot.org

We’ve partnered with Los Angeles-based WNBGAY to offer Spot for free to inclusive, underrepresented sports leagues and nonprofits with small operating budgets. Get in touch to see if your group qualifies or use this form.

☎️ Call-In Reporting Option is Here!

Spot’s telephone hotline is fully customizable (or use it straight out of the box) and works seamlessly with our case management system and other intake mechanisms.

Our hotlines are answered by a machine, not a human, which we still think is the best way to put your humans at ease when they need to raise an issue.

Bonus: A phone option can help people who are more comfortable talking than typing to speak up.

Call our test hotline to try it out:
?? +1 656-223-1288
?? +31 97010255732

Interested in getting a hotline? Reach out to hello@talktospot.com

This ? ? Repeating

New posters have arrived! Posters with your organization’s logo and QR code for quick Spot access are always available in the Spot dashboard—and we’ve added fresh designs. Check them out in Case Management > Communication Resources and download to print or use as digital assets. Thanks to Alaska Dept of Fish and Game for the new-poster prompt!

And finally, an improvement to closed-report messages: You can now view the messages you send when closing reports in your Spot dashboard. A long-standing Spot feature is the ability to add a personalized message to the reporter when closing an incident report. View that sent custom message in the dashboard as part of a report’s activity timeline. Thanks to Butternut Box for this suggestion!

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