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This is your monthly roundup of Spot product updates and DEI-related content.

☎️ Hotlines are here

We said we'd never do it, but we were wrong! Spot’s telephone hotline is here. It’s fully customizable (or use it straight out of the box) and works seamlessly with our case management system and other intake mechanisms.

Our hotlines are answered by a machine, not a human, which we still think is the best way to put your humans at ease when they need to raise an issue.

Call our test hotline to try it out:
?? +1 656-223-1288
?? +31 97010255732

Interested in getting a hotline? Reach out to hello@talktospot.com

New posters

Posters with your organization’s logo and QR code for quick Spot access are always available in the Spot dashboard—and we just rolled out new designs. Check them out in Case Management > Communication Resources and download to print or use as digital assets.

View closed report message in dashboard

A long-standing Spot feature is the ability to add a personalized message to the reporter when closing an incident report. You can now view that sent custom message in the dashboard as part of a report’s activity timeline. Thanks to Butternut Box for this suggestion!

This ? ? Repeating

@mentions! You can now mention another admin in the Internal Notes section of an open or closed report. Only admins who already have access to the report can be mentioned. The person you mention will be tagged and notified, so they know to check in on the report.

Also: Automatic retraining is here! If your Spot instance is integrated with Okta, OneLogin, Zenefits, Deel, Bob, or other systems, you can automate training from the Spot dashboard’s new Training Settings page. Set a retraining cadence and know that you’ll always be in compliance.

Workplace Culture Stats of the Month

Staying with the retro (☎️) theme of this newsletter, a new survey of roughly 2,000 U.S. employees indicates that:

  • Nearly half of workplace misconduct goes unreported (this number has gone down since we started looking at the problem in 2017, which is good news!)
  • People (46%) still fear retaliation for speaking up, BUT…
  • Anonymous reporting works if an organization finds the right tool and uses it in good faith

In fact…

  • 72% of employees would report workplace issues if they could do so anonymously
  • 40% of employees feel that communication was lacking in recent investigations

[J]ust over half (52%) of employees have experienced or witnessed inappropriate, unethical or illegal behaviors at work. The most prevalent of these behaviors were bullying (51%), sexual harassment (40%) and racism (30%)....Organizations must enforce strong policies and procedures to prevent and manage these issues….it’s no surprise that the in-office environment is where most employees observed or experienced inappropriate, illegal or unethical behaviors (80%).

—2023 Workplace Harassment and Employee Misconduct Insights (HR Acuity)