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This is your monthly roundup of Spot product updates and DEI-related content.

So many new features

Requests from the folks who use Spot are our most valuable resource for new feature planning. We always want to hear what would make Spot more useful for you and your team. 

This month we have several new features that originated as customer requests, starting with…


You can now mention another admin in the Internal Notes section of an open or closed report. Only admins who already have access to the report can be mentioned. 

The person you mention will be tagged and notified, so they know to check in on the report. 

Automatic retraining

As we announced in June, if your Spot instance is integrated with Okta, OneLogin, Zenefits, Deel, Bob, or other systems, you can now automate training from the Spot dashboard’s new Training Settings page. 

Now you can also automate retraining! Set a training cadence and know that you’ll always be in compliance.  

New integration: Bob

Hi Bob! You can now sync all your employee info via Bob to automatically assign non-supervisor and supervisor trainings and assign additional training if an employee gets newly promoted. With this integration, you can also track completion granularly in the Bob dashboard. As always, reminders are sent automatically as training deadlines approach. 

This ? ? Repeating: Spot + Deel

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Workplace Culture Quote of the Month

Despite layoffs, the labor market is still tight, with organizations spending more time than ever filling open roles. So what are younger people looking for when they’re looking for a job? Turns out a lot of it is related to downstream DEI:

Gen Z is a purpose-driven community and a purpose-driven cohort. Make it clear what your values are as a company, [and] also that you are an inclusive company. Because it’s not just about diversity anymore, right? It’s about the diverse people that are within your organization [being] able to have equitable experiences, equitable pay. So, making it clear in that job description [is] super important.

—Maia Ervin, Chief Impact Officer, JUV Consulting (HR Brew)