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Workplace Culture Quote of the Month

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision dismantling affirmative action in higher education, we revisited a 2013 Harvard study on workplace diversity. The study looks at the impact of state-specific workplace affirmative action bans on diversity in the workplace:

Ending affirmative action led to a significant decrease in workplace diversity, compared to the states that kept affirmative action programs in place. There were sharp declines in Asian female, Black female and Hispanic male representation in states that banned affirmative action….White men, however, experienced a 4.7% increase in employment following the ban….These findings contradict those who argue that affirmative action policies should be eliminated because affirmative action has run its course and no longer benefits minorities and women. 

Fidan Ana Kurtulus (Harvard Kennedy School, Women and Public Policy Program)

And it’s not like things were going swimmingly on the DEI front. Recent research from Indeed shows that 49% of Black workers aren’t satisfied with their work environment:

Many Black workers appear to work in a hostile work environment—43% of Black workers who said they were thinking about leaving their job reported microaggressions from coworkers or leadership….For the Black workers who are considering or actively looking for a new job, the following three elements are top priorities: 

  • 78% are seeking pay transparency 
  • 63% want their personal and company values to align
  • 60% would like a diverse leadership team

—Jocelyne Gafner (Indeed)