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This is your monthly roundup of Spot product updates and DEI-related content.

New from Spot

If your Spot instance is integrated with Okta, OneLogin, Zenefits, Deel, or other systems, you can now automate training from the Spot dashboard’s new Training Settings page. Select which trainings to auto-assign to new employees, specify a deadline, and Spot takes care of the rest. More automated training features coming soon!

You can now download all of your Spot incident report data as an Excel spreadsheet (in addition to CSV) from the Spot dashboard.

This ? ? Repeating

Spot has partnered with Deel! Deel helps companies hire, onboard, and pay people anywhere in the world. Get 10% off with this referral link: https://get.deel.com/tle2td41o9fr

If you use the global payroll and compliance provider, you can get 50% off your first year of Spot: talktospot.com/deel

Workplace Culture Quotes of the Month

According to a recent Deloitte survey, underreporting of workplace misconduct may be less of a problem than it was previously, but how complaints are handled is still an issue:

61% of Gen Z and 49% of millennials have experienced harassment or microaggressions in the past year. Around 80% of those said they reported it, with around a third saying their concerns were not handled well. (HR Brew)

This presents a challenge for employers looking to stem attrition:

Employers that have ignored feedback about toxic behavior—whether widespread or in small pockets—should not be surprised when employees’ loyalty wears thin and they head for the exits. 

—Donald Sull and Charles Sull (MIT Sloan Management Review)