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Spot Partners with Deel

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New videos to remind your people about Spot! 

(For Admins) How to Make Spot a Trusted Tool For Your Employees

(For Employees) How to Use Spot to Raise an Issue

Even if Spot isn’t new at your organization, these tutorials are helpful refreshers. The video for admins covers (re-)communication strategies and tips. The employee video shows how Spot works and what to expect. 

Workplace Culture Quotes of the Month

Welcome back, everyone: Chatbots are here to change the HR world, again

Chatbots are becoming “more and more pervasive” to facilitate a host of things for employers, from the recruitment cycle through onboarding and day-to-day interfacing.

—Eser Rizaoglu, Senior Director, Gartner HR

(HR Brew)

Helping employees speak up isn’t always about misconduct. On why it’s important to solicit difficult feedback, and how to do that in uncertain times:

When employees feel like their input matters, they’re more likely to remain loyal, engaged, and productive. They’re also much more willing to surface valuable concerns and suggestions. But uncertainty also makes it much, much harder to get honest feedback. When people feel anxious or like their jobs might be in jeopardy, they’re more reticent to speak up, especially to management.

—Kim Scott, Liz Fosslien, and Molly West Duffy

(Harvard Business Review)

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