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This is your monthly roundup of Spot product updates and DEI-related content.

New from Spot

  • Spot is available in Polish and Romanian!
  • You can now quickly and easily view who has completed their assigned training courses and who hasn’t. Go to DEI Training > Assign Trainings in the dashboard and click “Export” to choose the completion data you need.

  • Custom report fields can now be dropdowns in addition to free text input.

New Videos to Communicate About Spot

Even if Spot isn’t new at your organization, these tutorials are helpful refreshers. The video for admins covers (re-)communication strategies and tips. The employee video shows how Spot works and what to expect. 

(For Admins) How to Make Spot a Trusted Tool For Your Employees

(For Employees) How to Use Spot to Raise an Issue

Workplace Culture Quotes of the Month

On employees quitting if company values don’t align with their own

[Organizations] have to be seen to be leading in the charge to net zero; they have to be flexible in their approach to how people work; and they have to have leaders who lead with empathy….Companies who are not moving with the times to meet these expectations will see their people moving out. They will fail to maximize the performance of the people who stay, and they will be losers in the marketplace.

—Jeremy Campbell, CEO of the performance improvement consultancy Black Isle Group 


On the possibility that reducing DEI efforts could hurt employee engagement:

The real risk for businesses who don’t continue to focus on this or who focus on it in an insincere or half-hearted way, is that once the pendulum of the labor market swings back, they’re gonna risk losing a lot of workers who notice these things.

—Aaron Terrazas, chief economist at Glassdoor

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