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This is your monthly roundup of Spot product updates and DEI-related content.

New videos to communicate about Spot

If your organization uses Spot, you’ve already taken steps to build a healthier culture. To make good on this investment, employees need to know about Spot and understand what will happen when they use it. Here are two new videos to support you in that endeavor:

The video for admins covers communication strategies and tips. The employee video is a training that shows how Spot works and what to expect. Even if Spot isn’t new at your organization, these tutorials are helpful refreshers.

Over the next few months, we’ll publish tips for communicating with employees about Spot. Here’s the first one.

Communication tip: Repeat yourself!

I’ve struggled as a leader with saying the same things over and over again. Building Spot has made me realize that repetition is crucial—the more often you say something, the more likely people are to 1) remember it at all and 2) register it as a value they can trust you to uphold.

Based on our experience working with lots of organizations, we know that individuals won’t think about misconduct reporting until they need it. Unlike Instagram or email, Spot isn’t something employees use everyday. That means you have to repeat yourself.

Small, frequent reminders about how to raise an issue will drive home the message that your organization supports speaking up when something doesn’t feel right.

To make this easy, we offer messaging templates and cobranded posters in the Spot dashboard (go to Case Management > Communication Resources). The posters automatically show your organization’s logo, QR code, and unique access link. Print them out or use them as digital assets. No design work required!

There are other tips in the admin video posted above, and you can send the employee training video around to remind your organization that Spot is a safe, simple way to speak up.

The Spot team is always happy to help draft communications. Please leverage our experience—we’re here for you!

–Jessica, Spot CEO